Assembly Lines - One-piece flow in manual assembly

Assembly Lines - One-piece flow in manual assembly

Our avero workstation storage system can be designes as an individual workstation or combined to form assembly lines. Tailor-made to your requirements, we plan your modern assembly system as a straight line, a U-shape, circle or to precisely match the local circumstances. The workpiece carrier is transferred from station to station via roller conveyors. From picking the components to inspecting the workpiece, avero ensures a consistently high product quality. Parts trolleys and FIFO shelves, ensure continuous feeding and guarantee rapid material provision on the assembly line. This makes avero the ideal system for the assembly of a wide range of products with frequently changing components.

As a manufacturer of assembly workstations, we have gained a lot of experience over the years. Thanks to our comprehensive know-how, we guarantee the optimum planning and design of your assembly system, in one-piece or single-piece flow or one-set flow.

An ergonomic workplace that allows posture changes.

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Let us advise you

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